Cloud Applications Development

For example, the integration between Dynamics CRM to a line of business application on the cloud results in greater information availability to sales, management and other users of the application needing to access on-premise data from anywhere. Streaming real time data from sensors present on machines on the production floor to a storage account located on the cloud ensures that such data is available for decision makers to make real time decisions from anywhere; These are examples of solutions we can provide.

Our developers are able to leverage the powers of the cloud to develop highly scalabale, efficient and high availability products. We can customize any application to “talk” to the cloud and save our customers money on hardware and maintenance costs.

Application virtualization is another area where we can help customers. By choosing to virtualize existing windows applications. you provide your users with a means to access applications from anywhere. We can take a windows application, and provide a means for accessing you on the cloud or as a RemoteApp. This flexibility ensures that your users would never be out of touch even when they are not at this desks. We are experienced with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud, Google cloud service and private cloud installations.