Web Applications

Aleric technologies has years of experience providing high-quality and cost-effective web development services using the latest web technologies, such as Ajax, ASP.NET, ASP MVC3/4, ASP WEB API, JSP, PHP, Flex and Silverlight.

We’ve designed and developed several web solutions, productivity applications, content management systems, process tools and more — each solution designed to the unique needs of each business and to solve the problem statement. We architect, integrate and develop web applications to suit the exact needs of the customer, and are always available to provide additional post deployment support.

Our web development services are tailored specifically to meet each client’s requirements and business objectives, and providing the best possible product to meet our clients’ demands. We consistently deliver high-performance web applications with complex functionalities and the ability to achieve commercial success.

We always deliver high-quality, flexible web applications that are easy to use, maintain, reliable, secure, stable and cost effective.